Happy 2019!

Hey You.

Happy 2019! I hope most of you were able to take off and lose track of some time before the start of the new year. It’s always nice to take a week (or more) and ignore the calendar when you can – and it’s typically an adjustment getting back on track after the holidays. The Roman predecessor to our calendar was only ten lunar months long, starting at the vernal equinox in the spring. At the end of the tenth month, the Romans were “off grid” for the winter, with no calendar until the next vernal equinox started the new year. No calendar for a few months? Great idea. Regrettably, the Romans adopted a 12 month calendar. They got rid of the “off grid” winter period, abandoned using lunar months, and adopted a calendar year starting in January (and a leap year, so the calendar year would stay aligned with the seasons).

Thanks to this ancient Roman technology, I can accurately report that FGMC will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019. We are very proud to reach this milestone! Thank you to all our clients, colleagues and friends who helped make it happen.

When the firm started in 1999, “The Matrix” and “Being John Malkovich” were brand new movies (I love both movies), Cher topped the pop music charts (meh), and Richard Gere was the sexiest man alive (who could argue with that?). FGMC has been around longer than YouTube, the iPhone, and Facebook. Danny Foster left the Denver District Attorneys’ office in 1999 and started the firm with Bob Graham. Bob was with “Robert Graham & Associates” at the time, where he was both senior partner and the only associate. In the beginning, the firm’s first associate used a converted coat closet as his office. Twenty years later, we have grown to 34 attorneys along with an amazing support staff. We have just completed an overhaul of the firm’s website – if you’re interested, check out www.fostergraham.com.

Finally, I wanted to completely change the subject, and conclude with short note about a controversial topic – The Wall.

The Wall also has an anniversary in 2019 – The Wall turns forty in 2019. For anyone unfamiliar with The Wall – it’s the Pink Floyd’s double album that came out in 1979. The album (can I still call it an album in 2019?) is a “rock opera” about a troubled rock star who becomes increasingly withdrawn and isolated – conditions the band symbolized by “building a wall.” I love The Wall. However, my wife Nicole thinks The Wall is horrible. The Milstein house is divided over The Wall, and I don’t foresee this impasse resolving any time soon.

However, since Nicole has no editorial power over this newsletter, happy 40th anniversary to The Wall.

Looking forward to a healthy and happy 2019.

Michael Milstein

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