Law Enforcement Representation

For more information about our Law Enforcement Representation Practice, please contact:

FGMC is proud to have one of the premier law enforcement representation practices in the State of Colorado.  We aggressively and compassionately represent police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and other peace officers in a variety of matters across numerous jurisdictions in Colorado.  Our attorneys are cognizant of the stress and trauma involved in critical incidents, as well as the devastating affects a criminal case or disciplinary matter can have on an officer’s career and life.  FGMC proudly stands by its law enforcement clients and advises them through this rapidly-evolving area of law.  If you are an officer facing one of the following issues, please contact one of our highly experienced attorneys today:

  • Critical incident
  • Officer-involved shooting
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Charges
  • Internal Affairs/administrative investigation
  • Disciplinary proceeding
  • Termination