Employment Law

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Often the single most important resource of any company is its employees. Hiring, firing, and managing those employees, developing employment policies and manuals, addressing wage and hour issues, handling family leave matters, and responding to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Colorado Civil Rights Division charges is much easier with the assistance of experienced counsel who can guide the employer through the process quickly and efficiently. Our employment group offers a wide range of services from consulting with clients to develop strategies to avoid litigation to defending against employee claims. FGMC’s employment attorneys have extensive experience preparing employment agreements and policies, investigating employee charges, and litigating employment disputes. Whether our clients need assistance with developing an employee handbook or have been served with a discrimination claim, our attorneys can help. We provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Assisting with Difficult Employee Terminations and Defending Claims of Wrongful Termination
  • Creating Strategies for Wage and Hour Issues
  • Defending Claims Made Under the FMLA, FLSA, ADEA, Wage Claim, Equal Pay Act, and Title VII
  • Developing Employment Policies and Employee Handbooks
  • Developing Strategies to Protect Trade Secrets
  • Formal Investigations of Alleged Racial Harassment/Discrimination, Sexual Harassment/Discrimination and Other Prohibited Conduct
  • Investigating and Responding to EEOC and CCRD Charges
  • Preparing and negotiating severance agreements