Enough is Enough!

As lifelong Denver residents we are tired of the endless violence eroding our wonderful City of Denver. And as Denver Public School graduates, fathers of four former DPS kids, and two current DPS students, we are disgusted by the daily emergency notifications, lock-downs and attacks occurring in our DPS schools. When the current DPS Board removed Denver Police School Resource Officers from the schools they made it abundantly clear that the physical safety of the students was less important than trying to appease the loudest critics. And their decision, coupled with an anemic response to the on-going violence in the City, has led us to where we are today. As we write this article we are so saddened by the senseless murder of Luis Garcia, a junior high school student at East High School (and a classmate of Ozzie Foster) who was killed right in front of East High School during the day. Had there been any reasonable security apparatus in place at East High School this young man may very well be alive today. It is beyond tragic. It is beyond senseless. It is beyond words.


Our law firm has always been a Denver-First law firm. Many of us were raised in Denver and the surrounding communities and we feel passionate about what is happening in our City. We all must take a stand for what we want Denver to be. Either we will continue to go down the rabbit’s hole of violence, endless homeless encampments, and always pandering to the loudest, brashest voices. Or we can make real changes that will clean up this city, protect the children in our schools and restore Denver to the glorious place that it once was. We have the biggest election in Denver’s history occurring on April 4th. Mail-in ballots are on their way. The choices you make will be critical to Denver’s future. We are not providing our personal choices in this forum but please feel free to call us, email us, or check our personal Facebook posts, because we cannot take any votes for granted.


Finally, if you wish to join our law firm and donate to the Luis Garcia GoFundMe account to help his family, please follow the link.


To the future of Denver!

Danny Foster



David Foster



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