Denver Car Accident Attorney

Denver Car Accident Attorney

On a weekend road trip to Las Vegas, Kayleah and her friend were rear-ended by another driver. They were stopped for a traffic jam when the woman hit them going 65 MPH. Kayleah and her friend were both taken to the hospital, along with two other people who were in a third vehicle.

Kayleah had never experienced such an accident before; she was unaware how “conniving” and aggressive insurance companies can be when faced with an accident claim. Rather than working with Kayleah, the insurance company assumed the accident was her fault and immediately wanted her to settle out of court.

In addition to her car being totaled, Kayleah also began suffering from back problems and knew she would have to start physical therapy. This is when a friend referred Kayleah to Foster Graham and Attorney Danny Foster.

“Danny reassured me everything would be okay, these are the steps we’re going to take. He said, be patient, and everything will work out,” Kayleah said.

“He’s a really good attorney that is definitely interested in my well-being, and my well-being for the future, as opposed to just making a quick buck.”

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It’s easy to be manipulated and pushed around by the insurance company or even the other motorist. This is why you need an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney fighting for your rights.

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