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How can a personal injury attorney help me?

Having a knowledgeable and understanding attorney handling the case can make all the difference. Danny Foster, a Denver personal injury attorney, understands this. He goes the extra mile, not just representing his clients, but taking care of them. He is a driven attorney who is passionate about his practice, and ready to help.

“In a car accident case, the first thing that client needs to do is make sure that they’re getting the medical care for their injuries, first and foremost. What we do is quickly talk to their own medical payment adjuster for their own insurance company, to ensure that their medical bills are being paid. That is a primary number one thing that we do. We will then also work with their health insurance companies to make sure that their ongoing care is going to be provided for in case there is not enough medical payment insurance under their auto policy. Then we make sure that we understand who they’re treating with, and that they are getting the appropriate amount of care for their injuries.

If they are not happy with the doctor that they’re seeing, we will make recommendations for other doctors who we know that helped clients in the past. There are times when our clients will need to have their car fixed, we will work with their adjuster to make sure that that is taken care of in a timely manner. Then we will monitor their care and their treatment. When their case is ready for resolution, we take all the information that we’ve learned, and we take all of our objectives that our clients have given to us. We present a claim to the insurance company to get compensated. If it’s not proper compensation, based on our experience and our client’s objectives, then we are prepared to file a lawsuit and litigate in order to take care of our client’s objectives.”

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