Parents Not Living with a Juvenile Out of State

Parents Not Living with a Juvenile Out of State

Colorado attorney Lara Marks Baker talks about the struggle between college-aged (under 21) children and their parents when it comes to making legal decisions, and how the child’s going out-of-state for college affects any cases the family might be involved in.

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“Every family dynamic is different. You know, I think that you have to treat every client differently based on the facts of the case in terms of how you interact. Some clients very much want to make decisions on their own even though they’re nineteen or twenty and some still want the guidance of their parents. And so, to the extent that they want their parents involved from a distance, or their parents want to be involved from a distance, they certainly have that right. But it is somewhat tricky when a nineteen year old feels like they’re an adult. They’re off at college, and you’ve got to respect that.”

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