Drug Cases and Programs They Can Go To

Nuances Involving the Cases with Juveniles

Colorado attorney Lara Marks Baker talks about the pre-trial treatments offered to juveniles who are involved in substance abuse cases — ranging from therapy to rehabilitation centers.

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“Courts–particularly with juveniles–are very interested in getting to the root of the problem very early in somebody’s life. So if the court starts to see that there is an alcohol problem or a drug problem, there are often pretrial service requirements. And then we certainly work with a number of organizations that provide–whether it be inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, mental health treatment, or even just therapy–you know, in some fashion, to deal with whatever the underlying issue is that is causing the juvenile to seek alcohol or drugs as sort of a component of their life to deal with whatever anxiety they have going on. So there are a lot of different resources, and we utilize a lot of different facilities, and physicians, and treatment providers just based on circumstances.”

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Nuances Involving the Cases with Juveniles
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