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Q2 2016 update

“Good Deeds and Bad Shots…FORE ”

Several weeks ago our firm was one of the many sponsors of a golf tournament that benefits the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.

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Q1 2016 update

“The Importance of Remembering Atticus Finch”

He enjoys the company of prostitutes. He wears outdated cheap suits with wide collared shirts unbuttoned to reveal a hirsute chest adorned in gold chain.

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Q4 2015 update

“So, you want to be a Lawyer?”

I always try to make time to speak with students who are interested in going to law school and becoming a lawyer.

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Q3 2015 update

Do You Believe in Miracles?????

Once in a while we encounter those instances where you just shake your head and say “are you kidding me – that is unbelievable!”

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Q2 2015 update

As a lifelong resident of Denver I have seen it all from a weather perspective and these weather related incidents have created immutable memories for me.

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Q1 2015 update

What’s happened to our society? Sometimes I just can’t entirely understand what people are thinking anymore, and I am often unable to tell my kids that everything is going to be alright.

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Q3 and Q4 update

On behalf of everyone at FGMC, I wanted to extend our firm’s appreciation to all of our friends, clients and colleagues who have served in the military. We are grateful for your service and sacrifices. Thank you to our veterans, and to everyone currently serving.

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Q2 2014 update

Please allow me to take a slight departure in this newsletter to share a very personal loss that I and many of my FGMC colleagues experienced in the last few months.

Life is about perspective.

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Q1 2014 update

Like many of you I lost a dear friend several months ago and it has been really hard to say good-bye. The final season of Breaking Bad ended just a few months ago and I am still in a post-Walter White/Jesse Pinkman depression.

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Q4 2013 update

As another year comes to a close, we at Foster Graham Milstein and Calisher, LLP would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the continued success of our law firm.

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Q3 2013 update

FGMC is enjoying its own harmony as autumn greets us – a dynamic, committed and enthusiastic kind of harmony that melds together the passion of the practice of law with the spirit of collaboration.

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Q2 2013 update

It appears the heat of Summer has finally arrived and with it the annual forest fire season. Unfortunately, some of our friends and neighbors have already felt the effects that the latest tragic fire in the Black Forest, south of Denver, has had.

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