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Happy 2019!

Hey You. Happy 2019! I hope most of you were able to take off and lose track of some time before the start of the new year. It’s always nice to take a week (or more) and ignore the calendar when you can - and it's typically an adjustment getting back on track after...

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The Defense Lawyer’s Role As An Advocate

By Mikhail Laskin The role of the advocate is a vital part of a defense lawyer’s job. While a prosecutor, judge, or jury may be tasked with deciding the fate of the accused – the defense lawyer is tasked with becoming an expert about their client and presenting a...

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New Partners, Kari Jones Dulin & Raul Abad

FGMC is proud to announce the selection of new partners, Kari Jones Dulin and Raul Abad. Kari has developed a civil litigation practice, with a focus in plaintiff’s personal injury. Kari has represented those who have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle...

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