FGMC offers specialists in lobbying, public policy,  and  political  consulting.  These services include everything from direct lobbying at the state and local level to drafting proposed legislation. Our team holds itself to the highest ethical standards. Our practice reflects the changing needs of our clients in public policy development, lobbying and media advocacy. We provide comprehensive strategy and counsel for the ever-changing political climate and the regulations that affect your business and your interests.

FGMC knows the intersection of public policy and the practice of law includes evaluating and understanding the impact not only of existing laws and regulations, but proposed legislation and policy considerations. We assist clients in identifying local and state measures that may influence their business. We also represent clients before governmental and regulatory bodies in the deliberative process. Through these efforts we build relationships with key decision-makers, and develop comprehensive legislative strategies.

RESPECTED We are well-respected among all groups involved in political affairs. We are valued for the smart, strategic, and well-researched positions we bring to the table and for the insightful resolutions we propose.