Gary’s Notes Re 2022

As the bells of 2023 are about to ring to bring in a New Year, reflection on the last 12 months is in order.

Initially, in thinking about the last year, my attention was diverted because of yet another shooting tragedy that took place in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, this type of deadly wrongdoing tainted my original thoughts about the past year. No matter the obvious successes of FGMC and its clients, both my fellow lawyers and clients must reflect on the tragedy and ever-growing activity of various domestic terrorists in our country and elsewhere. Whether that is fostered by white supremacy, racism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim or Asian actions, or anti-LBGTQ, each of us has to take more than a moment to look in the mirror and see what we have done or can do to end this terrible loss of life and intimidation that ripples across this country when terrorism raises its head. So, I include in my thinking more than just what the last year has brought for this successful law firm.

We have had an excellent year marked by good teamwork, good results and a consistent mission to represent our clients in a diligent and professional manner. There are few miracles in the legal profession. Success comes with hard work. In retrospect, our lawyers and administrative staff have had to adjust to many changes in the practice of law: zoom meetings, virtual appearances in court, zoom contacts with clients, and being masked along with our citizen jurors in trying cases. These are but a few of the new challenges of the everyday practice.

A commitment to step up, be heard and not remain silent should be part of the future of this law firm. This firm is replete with Best lawyers, Super Lawyers, and preeminently rated ethical lawyers and many other recognitions and excellent adjectives that actually fit the work product of this law firm. The firm has an unwavering dedication to every client from the disadvantaged to the captains of industry. After my 50+ years in the practice of law, the cliché has proven true time and time again: I know a good lawyer when I work with one. There are a wealth of good lawyers, young and experienced, who are worthy and thankful for our clients’ expectations and trust. Likewise, the lawyers at FGMC are deeply involved in community endeavors and charity groups.

Fundamentally, everyone who practices under the banner of FGMC has to recognize that civility should be one of the trademarks of our firm. It’s too easy to over-identify with a client’s cause and cross the boundaries that should be a signpost of our profession. To each of you who retain anyone at FGMC, know that our goal is to always facilitate what is in your best interest. The idea is not to draw blood but make the rule of law work on your behalf. I am convinced going forward that this will continue to be our goal for much appreciated clients of FGMC.

My best to all for a peaceful, healthy Happy New Year.

(The only Truly Senior Lawyer at FGMC)


Gary Lozow



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