“They’re Here….”

Did you ever see the movie “Poltergeist” from the 1980’s?  If you’re about my vintage you’ve probably seen it 20 times.  Do you remember when the tough, short-lady, played by Zelda Rubinstein, retrieved cute little Carol Anne from the house demons?  Once Carol Anne had been freed by the ghosts that sucked her into the TV the Medium looked at the family, brushed back her hair, and proudly stated: “This House is Clean.”  The Freeling family, who lived in this house of horrors, was relieved and everyone in the movie theater thought it was all over!  Then, for some inexplicable reason, the Freelings chose to spend one more night in the haunted house, because, of course, they thought it was clean!  Well, alas, the family barely escaped with their lives as the ghosts and demons spirits came back full force to rage for round number 2.

Sound familiar? One step forward and two steps back.  It’s the Covid Shuffle and we are stuck on the treadmill.  While I have my own opinions about this latest surge and the new restrictions, as well as thoughts on how we should move forward, I will reserve sharing my sentiments.  I will simply plead with my friends and family who have not been vaccinated to pretty please, with sugar on top, get the vaccine, and the booster.  It’s been a miracle and reduced the severity of this tricky infection.  Help us slow the spread of this menace so we all can go back to our lives.  I for one have no interest in fighting the creepy clown or the boogie man from Carol Anne’s closet again!

Aside from old movie analogies we have some exciting news here at FGMC.  We are delighted to announce that two of our exceptional lawyers, Melanie McWilliams-Brooks and Mallory Revel, have been promoted to our partnership.  You can read more about these top lawyers by clicking here.

But on a sad note, we are so sorry to say good-bye to our friend and partner Kari Jones Dulin.  She has been my closest colleague for the past 6)??) years as we have helped hundreds of injured people obtain justice and secured millions of dollars in insurance settlements and jury verdicts from automobile accidents, bike and motorcycle accidents, premises liability and assault cases.  Kari and I worked hand in hand on all of these important cases and she will be sorely missed.  We wish Kari nothing but happiness and success in her future endeavors.  If you need to connect with Kari please feel free to contact our office for her new information.

And finally, I’d like to remind you that FGMC has donated $50,000 to the Arapahoe Community College specialized program to help adults living with Acquired Brain Injuries.  This is a partnership with ACC, Craig Hospital and the Mindsource-Brain Injury Network at the Colorado Department of Human Services.  We urge all of you to click this link to donate to this incredible organization and help those with Acquired Brain Injuries have access to curriculum to help them lead self-sustaining and productive lives.

To all of our clients, friends and family we wish you a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous 2022.

Danny Foster

Danny Foster



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