Message to our Law Enforcement Clients

First, thank you! We know that you remain on the front lines to keep our communities safe, despite COVID-19. The coronavirus is just a new threat to add to the many you face on any given day. FGMC respects and thanks you.

Unfortunately, administrative actions against officers are not slowing down, and FGMC remains open and available to advocate for you during those stressful times. The attorneys at FGMC are finding creative ways to be a strong presence for officers, even if meetings and hearings must be held electronically. Our advocacy will not be diminished by these new challenges. We believe that our clients must have sufficient time interacting with us to feel both confident in our abilities and supported in challenging circumstances. We welcome video conferences with new clients to encourage a positive attorney-client relationship and are always ready to listen to clients’ questions and concerns.

If you have specific questions about how coronoavirus impacts your day to day work, we encourage you to speak with your FOP representatives in your local lodge. The national FOP team is compiling numerous resources that you can access through your lodges.

If you have an administrative case, or are facing criminal charges, please reach out to us today. We are proud partners of the law enforcement community and will continue fighting for you, regardless of the chaos in the world. Thank you for what you do!

Mallory, Danny, & Team

Mallory Revel

Mallory Revel


Danny Foster

Danny Foster


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