How to Help: First Responders in the COVID-19 Crisis

2020 has quickly turned into a stressful mess due to the coronavirus.  Many lawyers are fortunate enough to be able to work remotely in this time of social-distancing.  That, of course, is not a luxury every profession enjoys. My spouse works at a retirement community and is keeping busy running essential errands so the seniors can stay safe within the community.  My sister is a respiratory ICU nurse in the only hospital in a small town. Similarly, Foster Graham’s hundreds of law enforcement clients across the state of Colorado do not get to move their meetings to electronic ones on their couches.  

How can you help support law enforcement and first responders in this time of uncertainty?  I spoke with a former client about this issue and here are some ideas. 

  • Stay home!  Follow recommendations and stay home.  It helps first responders both directly and indirectly when everyone stays home.
  • Use online reporting with crimes that are not emergencies.  Many departments are taking online reports on their websites and officers can call you and collect the necessary information to investigate.
  • If it is an emergency and the police respond, give them their space.  Perhaps offer to meet with them in your yard if practical. Stay 6 feet away like you would if they were in line with you at the grocery store.  They are entitled to have space too!
  • Be kind and patient.  Is this the time to call the police because your neighbor parks too close to your driveway?  Probably not. Loose dog in your neighborhood? Instead of calling Animal Control, see if you can offer treats and coral the pup and post it on NextDoor.  As always, call the police for genuine emergencies. But be thoughtful about what that means to you, and to the officers that will come to your home, before going back to their own.
  • STAY HOME!  Police officers want this crisis to end as quickly as possible, like everyone else.  Everyone doing their part and staying home is key.  

Please be extra kind to the people in your life that are still out and doing their jobs to save others.  Together, we will beat this!  

Mallory Revel

Mallory Revel


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