FGMC Named a “Top Workplace” – And Why That Matters for Our Clients

melanie macwilliams-brooks

Melanie MacWilliams-Brooks



The Denver Post recently listed FGMC among Denver’s 2019 “Top Workplaces.” Through a third-party researcher, the Post discovered employees at FGMC feel appreciated, happy with their work-life balance, and satisfied they are part of something meaningful. I believe three particular aspects of FGMC’s culture drive this high level of job satisfaction: (1) the firm’s facilitation of positive relationships among employees; (2) our attorneys’ willingness to subordinate their egos to quality work; and (3) the firm’s commitment to work-life balance. Not only do these factors produce a positive work environment, they yield significant advantages for our clients.

Our friendly corporate culture derives from our five founding partners’ decades-long friendship and their commitment to continuing and growing that camaraderie at the firm. Most people here genuinely like each other, and that spurs collaboration. From casual kitchen conversations to our monthly all-attorney meetings, FGMC attorneys constantly bounce ideas off each other, informally tapping into our rich collective strength and wielding it to our clients’ advantage.

This ties in with my next point: rather than focusing on personal aggrandizement, we focus on delivering the best product to the client. That means a good idea is treated as such, regardless of where it originates. We capitalize on each other’s strengths and expertise to effectively and efficiently advance our clients’ goals.

Lastly, the firm places a premium on work-life balance. A friend who worked for a large international law firm once told me she’d finally conquered her battle to stay awake in court proceedings—by pulling her hair out, one strand at a time. Now, FGMC attorneys work hard. But we aren’t so chronically overworked that we can’t stay awake in court. The firm demonstrates its commitment to work-life balance in many ways, including a reasonable billable hours requirement, a dedicated room for breastfeeding mothers, and a flexible policy for employees who need to work remotely on occasion. This allows us to attract and retain top-quality attorneys. Our mid-size firm boasts graduates from top law schools around the country, former federal law clerks, Chambers- and Martindale-rated attorneys, leaders in local bar associations, and others recognized as among the best in their practice areas.

I’m glad the Denver Post formally recognized what we at FGMC have long known: this is a great place to work. And a great work environment promotes great work.

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