The Value of Working with a Firm that has a Variety of Branches in Colorado

One of the advantages you get at Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher is if you come here for a personal injury case, often there will be some type of other legal issue that creeps into that case. Whether it be an employment concern,  a bankruptcy concern, a criminal concern, or even a corporate concern, there are often many different forces that help drive a personal injury case. The advantage you have at our law firm is that we have attorneys who specialize in so many different types of law so that if I’ve got a client that has a tax and estate question as it relates to their personal injury case, we have a tax and estate attorney who works right next door to my office. We can collaborate on certain cases if necessary. You don’t get that at many other personal injury law firms.

With many personal injury cases there will be other legal issues that are involved. Working with a firm that has a variety of experiences like Foster Graham Milstein & Calisher can make a difference in your case. Schedule a free consultation today.

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