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My injury had life-altering, permanent consequences — can I get compensated for it?

A great personal injury attorney understands that the physical injuries from an accident can sometimes never fully heal. Danny Foster, a Denver personal injury attorney, has seen cases where the victim has been permanently injured — and seen their lives completely altered by it. He is a driven, passionate attorney, who believes that these injuries deserve compensation.

“There’s generally two components of damages in a personal injury case. There’s economic damages and there’s non-economic damages. Economic damages are what you would expect they would be … that’s health, insurance costs, it’s medical bills, it’s lost income. These are all easy to quantify. What gets very complex to quantify are what are called non-economic damages. You’re talking about pain and suffering, physical impairment, disfigurement.

We had a client who suffered a traumatic injury to her foot. After significant surgeries she still has nerve pain in her foot that she will have for the rest of her life, no matter what the doctors have been able to do. Even the most gentle touching of her toes will cause her discomfort, and that is something that is going to be there the rest of her life. What value would it have to you if you had pain in your foot for the rest of your life because a drunk driver drove over your foot? That’s how we have to understand our clients and their injuries, and their long term impairment in order to find a way to resolve a claim that at least tries to balance those harms.

We can’t always do it. Sometimes there’s never enough money to balance those harms, but our job is to frame the discussion with the insurance companies so that they understand what their insured did to our clients, so that they pay up the maximum amount of money available.”

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