David Wm. Foster Selected to be a Wexner Heritage Fellow

Nominated by top professional and lay leaders in the Jewish Community, David Wm. Foster was recently chosen to participate in the Wexner Heritage program starting in Denver this fall.

The Wexner Foundation chooses 20 outstanding volunteer leaders from to participate in an intensive two-year study program as well as ongoing leadership institutes. The program seeks to expand the leadership vision of its members, deepen their Jewish values, and bring a Jewish language of discourse to their policy and decision-making in the community.

Fellows selected are generally 30 to 45 years old and have personal, professional, and communal lives reflecting leadership and commitment to the Jewish people, as well as significant potential for future growth as Jewish leaders. To date, over 1500 individuals from 31 North American Jewish communities have been chosen to participate in this program.  We congratulate David on this esteemed achievement.

To find out more about The Wexner Foundation, please visit http://www.wexnerfoundation.org/

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