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Commercial Jet Accidents

Jet Accident Attorney In Denver

Denver attorneys representing victims of plane accidents

Planes are one of the most impressive inventions society has created — giving us the opportunity to transport large numbers of people and cargo, across continents, in a relatively short time. Planes are also not immune to accidents. Even in the air, tragedy can strike.

Plane accidents might occur due to many different factors, such as;

  • Errors made by the pilot
  • Errors in aircraft design
  • Flight staff negligence
  • Non-compliance with federal regulations

Finding an experienced jet accident attorney

If you have been in an accident on a plane, you deserve compensation for your injuries. You need an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for your rights. Our experienced team of Denver plane accident attorneys at Foster, Graham, Milstein & Calisher, LLP can help you. For a free consultation, call us at (303) 333-9810.